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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Turning The Corner

Winter is lifting..I can feel it. The snow is beginning to melt and the sun is shining! Yippee Skippee.

This morning was a 4:30 on roads at 80% HR, surging the downhills to 90% HR, 14/1. 14 minutes run; 1 minute power walk.

I woke up to Topaz's beat beat beat of his tail against my mattress. It's Saturday! Me and Mom are going to run long! She doesn't work today! Yeahoo.

Oh Pazzie; I'm running long on roads and there is too much traffic for you and you'd have to be on-leash. Really, it wouldn't be good and what will all that asphalt do to your joints, you know? You have to stay home..but I'll save an hour for you after I'm done.

Poor pup. Very sad as I dressed and filled my bottles with HEED, attached my iPod, found some cash for water on the way.

26F and looking like a sunny day when I left the house, supposed to warm into the 40's. Joyful.

I haven't run from my house into Big Lake, around the lake a few times and back home in ages. I think it has been a few years. I didn't realize it until I came off of 43 and realized that the last time I ran this route Cobornes wasn't there, or Caribou, or the whole strip of stores along Highway 10. I guess it has been a while.

The footing was a bit dicey in areas. The sidewalk around the lake was a skating rink. I went slowly and slid across the ice. Running on the road around the lake is putting your life at stake. Honest to God, some of the drivers TRY to hit you going around here. THEIR taxpaying dollars went into build an all cement sidewalk around the lake. During run club, when we run this, if some of us don't feel like running the cement, and we run on the asphalt road we are honked at and gestured at and one time a guy TRIED to hit Kevin! His freaking mirror hit Kevin. It is crazy. Since THEIR money went into building this sidewalk, made of CEMENT, they think we should run upon it. They don't know that CEMENT is the worse surface for running. OK, so enough of the cement rant; the sidewalk was very icy so I did run along the road for a bit when I had to, but mostly ran upon the cement sidewalk. I didn't want to be hit today.

After running one lap around the lake I stopped into Holiday Gas Station to purchase some water to mix up some more HEED. My $20 bill was all soggy with sweat. The cashier rolled her eyes at me and I explained I was sorry, next time I'll place it in a baggie. She wasn't pleased. I mixed up my bottles and headed out.

The second loop around the lake was much better footing wise. The ice had already melted and was only wet. I was able to use the sidewalk all around the lake. Good deal.

I was 3 hours into the run so figured it was a good time to head the hour run home. Back up 6 miles of Co Rd and into my neighborhood. I recalled that the last time I ran this route, running up the hills to home really sucked. I had to walk the last mile as it was so difficult for me. Not any more. My heart rate was right at 82%, I surged up the hills and ran faster down them, no problems.

As I came into the house Topaz was waiting for me. Tyler told me "Mom, you are never to leave Topaz behind again. He whined at me until I woke up and ran to the door and whined some more. For four more hours!" I told him I still had 45 minutes to run so I would take Topaz out for a while. "Thank God!" Ty and Troy said. Topaz and I ran through the neighborhood and through the field near home. His energy was full, mine was closing in on empty.

45 minutes later and we arrived home. The boys are now sliding down the hill so Topaz is running as fast as he can..up and down the hill, trying to herd them up.

Steve is at a pool tournament today so this afternoon the boys and I are heading for Famous Dave's for dinner. Not my choice, but both of them decided that is where they wanted to eat. I was hoping for Bucca or Sawatdee; oh well. It's more about spending time with the boys that it is eating!

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