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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Workout That Kicked My Butt

Last week when I looked over this weeks training plan I didn't give much thought to the workouts, it was more of writing down the workouts into my calendar, figuring out how much time each would take. I spent a bit more time looking at the long weekend runs and figured out how they would fit into my schedule along with pool tournaments, baseball tryouts, etc.

I didn't give much thought to today's workout other than how would I be able to pick up Tyler from baseball at 430, would I have to leave in the middle of the workout? The workout content didn't really cause me a second thought.

Until I began the workout and was sucking air!

Today: On the treadmill power walk for 10 minutes, in incline 2 to warm up, run for 10 minutes on incline 2 easy. (easy for me is 75%-133HR). 3 minutes hard effort 90% (160 HR) on incline 6, then 2 minutes easy on incline 2. 8x3minutes hard, 2 minutes easy. Finish with easy run for 10 minutes on incline 2. Stair master for 15 easy and leg weights #2.

OK, no problem.

I don't think I have even run on my treadmill at an incline 6. Never ever. I sure felt it today! I was sucking air and sweat was pouring off in buckets. To keep the HR at 160 I had to decrease the pace every once in a while, all the way down to 5 MPH! It's a bit disheartening to see that a workout of 1:20 only gets you 7 miles. But I made peace with it! At some points I was at MHR and brought the pace even slower.

So, onto the stairmaster, thank goodness it was easy pace. My hamstrings were tired! 1.5 more miles..and onto legs.

BB Squat: 120x10x1; 155x15x3
Press: 100x10x1, 220x15x3
Extension: 85x10x1, 120x15x3
Laying Ham Curl: 50x10x1, 90x15x10 and time to call it a day.

Oh...stretching...I actually looked forward today! It felt wonderful and I did 9 minutes instead of the scheduled 5 minutes :)

Leggies. Are. Tired. In a good way!


Sherpa John said...


I'd LOVE to talk to you. I'll be at McNaughton in a few weeks and also at the VT100 since its right here in my backyard (I'm in NH).

E-mail me when you get a chance: sherpajohn@gmail.com

And visit my ultra-running teams blog! www.teamsherpa.blogspot.com

olga said...

That Lisa! :) I remember this workout too. Power, Jul, power! You're doing awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please update your goals for the year? You still have '05 goals of losing 30 pounds, etc. in your sidebar. Is that still an '07 goal? Since you are thinking about not writing down your foods each day, could you write some of your recipes in your blog for tequilaberry salad, etc. from your LL food page?
When you say that you "take a day off", what does that actually mean? Do you not run or weight train those days? Do you REALLY rest up or are you too hyper about exercising?
Great Blog.

Julie B said...

Well, let's see, 07 goals were as stated: the Grand Slam, but alas, I was not selected in the Western States lottery. Boohoo. So that scratches the 07 goal. Instead I'm running 4 100's; McNaughton 100, FANS 24 Hour Run, Vermont 100 and Superior 100. As for a day off, good question. As stated, Monday was going to be a day off BUT I needed to bring Troy to school for tryouts and had a spare hour so decided to head to the gym and lift chest. I'm trying to take a day off a week..I did it 2x out of 3!