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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Feel Good !

This week has been wonderful. I feel recovered from the McNaughton 100 Trail Run and I feel strong. Last week I was feeling tired, I slept quite a bit, but this week, woohoo. Game is on!

Monday was eliptical running and weights, Tuesday was off, Wednesday was trail run , some stair stepping and weights, Thursday was trail run, Friday was supposed to be off but it was beautiful so I had to take a run for 8 miles with Topaz. Before I knew it I had 35 miles in by Friday night.

Today was an awesome Afton Fun day. A group was beginning to run at 7, Al went out at 6, a group was going to head out at 8. I arrived a bit earlier than my posted 8 time so ran a 40 minute out and back before meeting up with the 7 and 8 o'clock group. I was running up the hill and here came a GROUP of 15! It was incredible. Friends that I haven't run with all winter long. We had a fabulous time.

The Afton State Park is a wonderful place to run. Lots of hills, open meadows and single track along the St. Croix River. It's fabulous. The trees are leafing out, the flowers are blooming and spring is definitely in the air!

We sat in the lot for a while visiting and then it was time to get home. I have been cleaning windows, washing screens and enjoying the day.

Oh yeah, this is what Minnesota is all about :)

My training plan told me 2-3 hours today. Well, I was having such a great time that when I could have gone back to the lot for 2.5 hours I asked Maria how much longer for the finish of 25K? She told me another 45 minutes or so. I was in! I figured I'd just sit at the lot and wait for the finishing runners anyhow. I might as well be running. I felt good. I was happy, I was having fun!

By the time we came into the lot I had just under 4 hours in. Gee, how did that happen?


Ellie said...

What fun! Glad you're all recovered-up! You sure bounce back fast!! Gives me hope for my marathon 2 months after my 50-miler newbie ultra :-)

keith said...

What kind of training plan are you following?

You rock, by the way.

Julie B said...

Ellie, you will be fine for the marathon after your ultra; no problem!

Keith-getting ready for McNaughton I was running 70-90, a few 100 mile weeks. I recovered a week and bounced back to 50 and then 60, I'll run Ice Age 50 mile on Saturday, recover a week and begin training for FANS 24 hour. More long runs on the pavement. Probably a 75 a 80 and a 90 mile week.