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Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Rain Running

Today Troy and me are heading out to the Minnesota Zoo with 30 other Fifth Graders and many of their parents. It seems like just last year when I went on this field trip with my now, 9th Grade son, Tyler. I can't believe 4 years have passed. It is a rainy, cloudy, cool day today. There are many exhibits inside but we really enjoy the outdoor paths. I have our rain jackets packed so we can catch a glimpse of the outdoor exhibits.

Tuesday afternoon, after work, Topaz and me quickly headed to the trail for a run before Tyler's baseball game scheduled for 400. About 3 miles into the run the thunder and lightening, wind, darkness and rain hit. Even some hail, which hurt very badly! I still had 2 miles to the trail head so just kept my head down and kept on running. The worse part was getting into my car and soaking the seat all the way home. I quickly changed clothing and caught Tyler's first game. Troy had a game at 630, with a 45 minute warm up. During his warm up I ran on the road, and guess what, more rain. I left my car unlocked with instructions for him to duck into it if the sky opened up. By the time I made it to the field the sky was calm and they were ready to begin the game.

Yesterday...same thing! More running in the rain. During the second downpour I opted for the gym to lift shoulders and stair stepper before heading out to the boy's away games. I'm having difficulty building my shoulders any more than they are. They have stopped growing. I'm sore this morning, any hints on growing my shoulders? Tonight I'll run and lift biceps. The legs won't be worked with weights until post FANS.

OK, off to the Zoo..


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about getting a running-related tattoo. I know you posted that you have a tattoo and since everything in your life involves running, I figured your tattoo would be just what I'm looking for. I was thinking of the words "RUN ON", but I think my English teacher would look at this in a bad way. . .
What would you suggest??

Julie B said...

Thanks for the website I will check it out today.

My tattoo isn't running related, it doesn't have any letters in it either. It's on my back; oak leaves, acorns, etc.

olga said...

Why more shoulders? Unless if I remember correctly you wanted to enter body building comp sometime...Sorry about rain, at least it's warm out.