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Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Night Off !

Boy, Troy doesn't have a baseball practice tonight, Tyler's baseball game is away so I didn't attend (BAD MOM, I KNOW), I have no meetings tonight, I am free!! I went running, played catch with Troy, cleaned up the house and am now doing nothing!

I went shopping last weekend for deck furniture and it was delivered yesterday. I love it! I can't wait for the pool to be filled and clean and sparkly and warm. Tonight I received some big potted geraniums for the deck, it is all looking pretty spiffy.

Last night Topaz and I hit the trail late. Troy and Tyler had baseball, Tyler had church group, I finally reached the trail at 620. I couldn't believe it when I pulled into the lot and saw that there were 8 cars parked. Bird watchers and walkers must use the trail in the evening hours more than early evening/late afternoon. I couldn't believe it. Most of them must have been on their way out as I only saw 3 people.

As Topaz was running out in front of me (of course) he began to pounce up and down in one place. I couldn't figure out what the hell he was doing. Attacking a gopher? Then I heard this hiiissssss...it sounded like a rattle. Oh boy, a bull snake! It was BIG. I haven't seen one in a while and I forgot how they kind of freak me out. I told Topaz to leave it alone and made a big arc through the long grass so I wouldn't have to look at it any more. Well, the snake hardly ever moved from his sunny spot on the trail! I ran 15 miles, passing the same spot 3 times..the snake was still there sunning himself each time! Unreal.

Another wildlife sighting. There is a creek that flows under a bridge. I stop at the bridge during every run, every loop, for Topaz to lie down, cool off and drink. Well, last night a brown something was swimming along in the creek. I don't know what it was. It looked like a big fat, brown rat. With big whiskers. Wow. Needless to say, no camera. Dang.

Tonight wasn't as exciting. Just 8 miles, no wildlife sightings. About 101 wood ticks. And a camera attached to my waist. Hmph.


olga said...

Yikes, a SNAKE!!! At least you had your dog, less scary.
Awesome building again, Julie, consistency is the key!

Travis said...

Same with me the other day. I saw lots of deer, a coyote, and a wild turkey.. of course no camera either. All ready to go this weekend? Looking at the times; this is either a faster course or way better runners are showing up here over McNaughton. Any advice on the course?

Julie B said...

Travis, Ice Age is MUCH EASIER! The course is rolling and grassy, I mean, there are hills but not the steady relentless hills of McNaughton. There are places where you can run a long ways without having to walk up a hill. There is a beautiful section of pine trees that is incredible. In the past I have run Ice Age at 11:59 - my first 50 mile and too close to the 12 cutoff! The following year was 1139 and then 1057. I haven't run it in a few years. I'm thinking I can do 10 hours this year. It's easier than Voyageur 50 and I ran that in 1026 last year. You did 1120 at McNaughton, I bet you could run 10 too here. At least. See you there !!