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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Leanness Lifestyle Elite Update

There is a difference, isn't there? I can see less saddlebags..thank goodness. I was going to flex my leg to show my quad muscle and inner thigh muscle; but it looked vulgar. It really did. This is vulgar enough. I was going to flex my biceps but I looked like I was showing off. I wasn't able to have Tyler take pictures of me at my start of Leanness Lifestyle Elite..I was 144 pounds and felt too unsightly to even have him take them. The top photos are at 138 pounds, the bottom two were taken taken today and 129.4

I had a trainer run my numbers today at the gym. I began at 18.9% body fat, today I am at 14.1. I don't know if she does a very good job with the calipers, she told me I lost .29 lb of muscle and 14.71 pounds of fat since I last had her test me. I figured I'd lose some muscle while losing this fat, at least it's been minimal. I've been eating plenty of lean protein. I haven't lost any strength. Today I lifted heavier than last week on biceps and shoulders. I can still ram out 200 push ups and 100 pull ups-pull ups are 4 sets of 25 each. Remember when I couldn't do one? I love doing push ups and pull ups. They are true progression markers.

My friend Nancy told me that I inspired her while we were in Vermont and I was running the 100, she was crew extraordinaire. I was doing push ups and told her I began with 5. We were in Vermont in July. Nancy couldn't do any push ups. Now she is doing setS of 20! She told me yesterday that I inspired her. That is awesome!! She'll be doing pull ups soon, I know it :) I'm so proud of her. She's lost 15 pounds too, congratulations Nancy!

So, Leanness Lifestyle is working for me. Well, I'm working it. I've been a member for a few years and have gone up and down. Just because you are a member of LL, it doesn't mean it will come easily. It doesn't. It's lifestyle changes. Making good decisions day in and day out.

Today Topaz and I hit the trail for 15 miles. He didn't get his run on yesterday, but did chase the boys around the trampoline all morning, and he played football with them. He was raring to go today. He practically lapped me during our last 5 mile loop. The longer we go, the faster he gets. Crazy Ultra Dog.

Have a great evening. I have tomorrow off :) Another couple hour run scheduled with my pup and a workout on legs at they gym. Good stuff.


Rebecca said...

I am really impressed with your results and your strength - 200 push ups! That is definitely inspiring. It just goes to show what someone can do when they make up their mind to achieve a goal. Congratulations for being one of the few people who sets their mind and follows through.

Carilyn said...

How can you bake such fantastic looking things and still look so awesome?! Thanks for posting the recipes, because after seeing the yummy treats I have to try some! Congrats on your great results with LL.

olga said...

Pullups? 100??!! That's just plain scary:) You're looking awesome, Jul, and 14% body fat is insane, don't go lower! You inspire lots of people, between you and Ronda I feel like such a wimp in dedication:) Good Lord, I am at owe and happy for you!

aharmer said...

You shouldn't wonder why so many people read your blog...it's inspirational! I wanted to say hello Saturday but ended up running out of time and had to take off before the run was over. Nice to see you;) By the way, 200 pushups? I thought I was a strong guy and no way could I bang out 200 pushups!

zoey said...

...and another thing; you have no saddlebags. Now you've officially been told. I can't wait until the day the same is true for me. But you have none. And while I don't intend to speak for the others, I read this blog because I am an athlete and because I am inspired. So a close up of you flexing is not 'showing off'- don't be so humble! You have what I have idealized as "twisty" arms and legs! That's what I call it, when there's enough fat gone that you can see contours of muscle... I'm currently at "curvy", headed for "twisty"...

Julie B said...

Oh Zoey; I could hug you! Thanks for saying so. I have a super huge smile on my face. I needed to 'be officially told' Thank you.

Carilyn, I don't touch them! No sugar. It's not too difficult, really.

Olga, you ARE dedicated!! Hello!!

Sorry to have missed saying hi on Saturday, Adam, yeah, it sure was a blast! It always is. I'm looking forward to the next few FA's this winter.

Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca, I have always been a stickler on following through with my goals. It is the only way to honor myself.

Brett said...

25 pullups at once is amazing. Congrats on your results. Not only can you run, you are very strong! :)