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Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Winter Blast

Blast as in cold air. It's -11F this morning, with a wind chill of -28F. It's still cold. I had to laugh when I heard on the news this morning, while running on my treadmill, that it was -33F in Cook, MN, where our cabin is on Lake Vermilion, and a high of 86F in South Padre Island TX, where I will be next week. I am SO looking forward to it! Running on the beach, laying in the sun, swimming in the pool; wearing nothing but swim suits and running shorts for a week. Oh yeah.

I've entered the 100 mile week realm. Last week I logged 108 miles and this week I will hit a bit over that. Instead of feeling tired I am feeling pumped. McNaughton is only 5 weeks out. Hey, it might be spring in Pekin, IL by the time McNaughton arrives.

I'll probably have to head over to the Minneapolis Lakes area for a 50 mile run this weekend. The trails are pretty icy with a base of 8" of snow. I was able to run 40 out there last weekend but don't know if I want to do it again upon snow. Topaz gets so sad when I leave him behind, though. That being said, I'll probably be upon the trail.

The Board of the Upper Midwest Trail Runners Club met this Tuesday. Our website is up and running, we are accepting membership applications and are ready to rock and roll. Check us out if you live in the area. We offer two awesome trail series, discounts to running stores and we have many projects in the works. I'm honored to be involved!


aharmer said...

Great mileage Julie! I've decided to try FANS this year, although only the 12-hr. Should be fun, I'll be picking your brain for tips as we draw near!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

We can't do much about this weather, although the mud will be frozen for my long run tomorrow.
Good luck with UMTRC!