Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Pre-McNaughton Long Run

The alarm buzzed me awake at 330. I wanted to get one final long run in before McNaughton. I figured 35-40 miles. I needed to be out on the trail by 4 so I could be back at home by 1 for a shower and then I need to grocery shop, make a Target run and get both boys hair cut.

Topaz's paw is looking very good. He isn't limping any more. I played Frisbee with him last night for a long time, but I still didn't want to take him out for 35 miles today and I didn't have the time to run a few hours, drive him home, and then run some more. He had to stay home. He woke Tyler up, whining so loudly as I pulled out of the garage.

My run was pretty uneventful. I ran a few hours, watched the sun come up, I came upon 13 deer, I saw pileated woodpeckers, trumpeter swans, Canadian geese, Sandhill Cranes and two bald eagles. The geese, cranes and swans sounded like an orchestra on acid. I must say, the Sandhill Cranes drive me insane. I'm sorry, but I don't like them. At all. They walk around like chickens, bobbing their heads back and forth, making a scratchy noise. I don't like birds, period. I mean, I like the ones I feed in my bird feeders, because they are outside and I am inside. But too many birds scare me. They are certainly back from wherever they go. They were loud and actually got on my nerves after 30 miles, when I decided to grab my ipod out of my gym bag.

I only saw two others on the trail during my run. I was surprised that I was able to get in 40 miles in less than 8 hours. The snow has really melted off of the trail in the past few days. It was probably 50% covered in snow and 50% grass/rock. It was so wonderful not to run in snowshoes! What a treat.

Well, my final high week is in, my final long run, and I'm ready to tackle McNaughton. Two weeks out, it's almost here. Last year I ended up in ER after the race with that crazy asthma breathing episode. I haven't had a problem since McNaughton last year. I'll certainly bring the inhaler along that they gave me last year. I wonder if it still any good?

Off to run errands, or um, drive to complete errands..


Jamie said...

Great final run. You'll rock McNaughton!

Kate said...

I have mild asthma and have about 20 different kinds of inhalers - they last a long time so yours is probably still good. Good luck! :)

Bev said...

It's unbelievable how you can get up so early and do so much. You are well suited for ultras.

Travis said...

nice run Julie, Looking forward to seeing you at McNaughton! I can't believe it's here already. Rest well!

Crackhead said...

Good luck at McNaughton.

I'm sad to hear you don't like the cranes. I only get to hear them as they fly over my area during their fall and spring migrations, and I love the chuckling sound they make, which is how I notice they are around. I'd be honored to be as close to a flock as you get!

I think cranes represent good luck to the Japanese, so while perhaps you aren't a big fan, maybe they will be your good luck charm!