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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Steppin' Out

Today I ran mile repeats. I want Topaz's paw pad to heal a bit longer before I take him out on the trail, so I hit the asphalt instead.

I jogged a warmup out of the neighborhood, up to the long straight road with a few steep hills for 2 miles; then began the repeats. They came out as follows:

1) 7:23
2) 7:21
3) 7:22
4) 7:19
5) 7:20
6) 7:23
7) 7:19
8) 7:21
9) 7:22
10) 7:22

I ran a 1/4 mile recovery trot in between each mile and jogged a 2 mile cool down. I was beat!

Today I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone. I met with the three women that I will be coaching the Beginning Woman's Running Group with. I have never met these women, I have never coached a group before, but before I became an experienced runner I always wanted to join a group; but I felt too intimidated, I was too scared. I always looked at the MDRA classes offered, but just couldn't do it.

I've been a member of MDRA for 10 years. I love the Race Schedule/Training Log that each member receives; this is one of the main reasons I always renewed my membership. Anyway, most of the MDRA publications that I receive, they ask if anyone is interested in coaching a group. I finally responded and was offered the Beginning Woman Run Group. When I received the bios of of the women that I will be coaching with, along with itinerary, I was in awe.

I'm not going to publish the names of these gals, because I hardly know them and I didn't ask their permission.

1) A USATF Certified Level One Coach and competitive master’s runner, Captain of a grand masters women’s team. They run ultra relays all over the country and have set age group course records. She has run many local races including 25 marathons, and won her age group in the MDRA Grand Prix for 2007. She coached track at the middle school level and has coached beginning women runners for 8 years.

2)A USATF Certified Level One Coach, registered and licensed dietitian who works at_____,also writes for RunMinnesota, MDRA’s bi-monthly publication. She has completed 11 marathons and one ultra marathon in addition to the Minnesota Border to Border Triathlon.

3) Julie Berg – Assistant Coach. Julie is an ultra runner who began running ten years ago. She has run over 30 marathons and over 40 ultra marathons. She mainly focuses on the 100 mile distance, finishing four 100 mile races last summer and currently training to finish five 100 mile races this summer. Julie is a secretary at Big Lake High School. She is eager to coach this class to give something back to the sport she loves.

4) an elite runner, with a wealth of experience in competitive running. She has won USATF-MN Runner of the Year in her age group for the past three years. She qualified for the Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials which will be held this April 20 in Boston.

Whoa! Great runners. I tried not to be too fearful!

I met the women today for lunch in Minneapolis. I had a great time, and was nervous and afraid for nothing..as usual. All were very warm and friendly. I must say, I couldn't help but ask many questions about training, races and nutrition. I enjoyed myself so very much.

Can you imagine, the Olympic Trials? OMG. I'm in total awe. Total. Awe.
She was like, yeah, but you are running 100 mile races, and I'm like, yeah, but you run 2:40 marathons. The Olympic Trials. Wowza.

I'm definately looking forward to working alongside this group of women!


Kel said...

Don't worry Julie, you'll fit right in. Beginners are the most fun to coach - you get to watch them go from intimidated to empowered in such a short time. Have fun!

aharmer said...

Wow, that sounds really cool. You get to interact with these other very accomplished runners and help new runners in their pursuits. Sounds perfect!

Tom said...

Julie; you are going to have a great time, sometimes all it takes is a new set of eyes to let you know you need to do something diff. you have the miles and the desirer! You can offer them a lot.

Rooster said...

Awesome run, looks tough! Good luck with your coaching...you have a lot of good information to help others, enjoy.