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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Questions and Answers

Recovery. I've received many questions on recovery. I believe, that over time, my body has been accustomed to running 100's and the recovery that needs to go along with running a 100. I'm not sore. Amazingly, I am not. I haven't taken and Advil since the race, where I took 3 on the last loop just for good measure.

I was very stiff, removing myself from my car as I returned home on Sunday evening. I stumbled into the house, gave hugs and kisses to my family and to my animals and ran a cool bath. I hate cold baths, but they really help the swelling to go down. I sat in the cold tub for 15 minutes and then took a luke warm shower. I was disgustingly dirty. I left the race without showering so yeah, I stunk and I was filthy.

Monday I crawled out of bed with a bit of stiffness in my calves. After bringing the boys to school I put on a pair of big sorel boots and walked the trail for an hour with Topaz. The walking helped any stiffness to leave my body.

I drink tons of water ( 2 gallons) post 100. I am dehydrated, even though I drank 24 oz of Heed every 2 hours. The skin on my face is peeling and I am thirsty as can be.

Tuesday I was able to get on my trail shoes as some more swelling went down. I jogged with Topaz for an hour.

Last night was my coaching with the beginning woman's run group. We walked 5 minutes and ran 5 minutes 4 times. It was awesome! Most of these women have NEVER run 5 minutes at a time before. I was so excited for them! They had many questions about my race, it is hard for them to imagine such a thing, as I told them it would have been difficult for me to imagine when I was in their place at one time, too. We had a great session. A Physiatrist (a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation trained to diagnose and rehabilitate injuries to the musculoskeletal system, who prescribes exercise as medicine) spoke with us at great length.

Tonight I'll lift/run a bit and should be good to get a 10 or so on Saturday and back to normal next week.

Squats. The squats that I do are with the olympic bar. I began with only the 45 pound bar, 3 sets of 12. Over the past year I have slowly increased weights and now I am up to 200+ pounds. I love it!

Lights. I'm going to shop around some more. John Taylor told me he uses a big Gerber handheld, 3 watt jobbie that works well. My Fenix has just dimmed out on me, it is little and light, but I wouldn't mind holding something heavier. I carry my 24 oz bottle and don't mind. I think a strong upper body helps. Head lamps really do drive me crazy, although while wearing the heavy fleece hat I didn't have a headache at all with Andy's head lamp that I borrowed.

My training. I guess I don't really think of it all as training now. Of course, the 50 miler through the snow, that was for the 100. The rest of it, the daily runs on the trail with Topaz, that is fun. Great fun. I guess it is training, isn't it? I would run it if I weren't running 100's.

Any other questions, just ask away. Have a great day!


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Congratulations on a race well run, despite the conditions. You are one tough cookie! (Peanut butter & chocolate chips included).

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Anonymous said...

My recovery would involve a gurney and the morgue....

I look at your blog everyday and have like 5 million questions! But I won't bore you with them!

Well, maybe a few dandies. How do you did/you keep truckin? I do so good for awhile and then I just blow it diet and exercise wise. I never learn. Where does it come from and from what place? Your head or your heart or both?

How many different diets and exerise/running plans did you try before you found the one that clicked? When do those seems less like "plans" and "diets" and just become life? I sometimes think I am at that point, but then it's come and the old, lazy, gluttounous me is raging again.

These are huge questions, just need a teensy insight!

Again, of course, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I don't much care for headlamps either, though I've found that if I wear a ballcap under the lamp it takes a lot of the pressure point pains, etc. away. OTOH, the bill of the ballcap prevents you from aiming the lamp down at your feet. Oh well...perhaps that's why I prefer a handheld! ;^)
Great job at your 100.


kelly said...

I love the gerber handheld. It is the brightest light and lasts forever. I also like to wear a headlamp around my waist. It helps to see on really dark trails. Great job on your race. You continue to inspire me. Happy trails.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Your total yearly miles blow me away, we may see you at Javalina. Keep Rock'en!

Runner Brewer said...


You have probably already seen this, but in case you have not,

I saw a new light at REI where it is built in to the rim of the hat. It is LED, and quite bright. I tried it on, and you can't tell it is any different than a normal hat. The switch is a little button/bump under the rim.

I could not find the batteries, but I did find a wire.

The only problem I could see with it was washing. I am a sweathog, so I am always washing my hats.

I thought it was a darn clever idea.