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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I can't believe how well my recovery has gone this time around. The body is an amazing machine. The more it is used, the stronger it becomes.

My body seems to have adapted quite nicely to running long distances. I can't even believe that I can run 100 miles. I still find myself with the notion in my head that I am yet a beginning runner, learning the ropes, finding my way. I suppose, in a way, I am. I am always learning. Once I think I may have things figured out, well, of course I don't!

In less than a week post race all of my swelling was gone. I never needed to take an Advil or anything post race. During the race I only took Advil before the last loop.

I find myself physically tired every once in a while. I guess that being awake for such a long period of time, plus the huge effort of running 100 miles should make a person tired. I had things going on all evenings last week, so when the weekend came, I napped.

This week I'm lifting, stair stepping, running treadmill intervals and running long. I feel great.

Tonight's at Woman's Beginning Running Group my group ran 7/3's x 3. We warmed up with stretching, walked 3 minutes, ran 7 minutes x 3. It was awesome! I love coaching these women! I have found something that I truly love to do. To share my enthusiasm and passion for running with a group of woman learning to run is just an incredible opportunity for me. I am enjoying it so much. After our run we did some more stretching and then spoke about shoes and technical fabrics. Good stuff!

Next week we'll run 8/2 :)


keith said...

good to hear you're recovered! that is pretty amazing. i'd probably still be in the cold tub.

The Bunny said...

I wish I lived closer so you could be part of your beginning running group! :)

Tom said...

How things change with time, you though that you had nothing to offer these women you were asked to coach and now you love it. we all knew that you have a TON to offer and teach them, hay! I have been running for 30 years and reading your blog puts life into my runs, How things change with time.
Keep posting

Jamie said...

Awesome! I hope I recover half as fast as you in between WS and VT.