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Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Fabulous Weekend Up North

It seemed as though I was just unpacking my bags from going up to Lutsen to run the 50K as I was packing my bags to go up to Lake Vermilion to spend the Holiday weekend at the cabin.

Last week flew by. Tyler had tennis sectionals and wrapped up the season by earning a distinguished academic achievement award, lettering in tennis and named to the all conference academic team. Go Tyler!

After the tennis season was finished on Tuesday, he began baseball on Wednesday. Troy is playing baseball too and getting them to practices and games is always a challenge. We always manage to get them where they need to be and on time one way or another.

We packed up and headed to Lake Vermilion for the long weekend. My Mom and Dad and my sister Laurie, her husband Tim and son Lukas were also at the cabin for the weekend.

We had a wonderful time, the weather was beautiful! Sunday Tim and Steve shuttled Laurie, Mom, Topaz and I over to the shoreline. There is not a road into our cabin so our transportation back and forth is via boat. Tim has a huge Lund, I was referring to it as Tim's Taxi. I'm sure with gas at 5.50 a gallon he wanted to charge fare too; but he didn't. Topaz and I walked with Mom and Laurie for 30 minutes until they turned back for their ride to the cabin. Topaz and I headed off for 20 miles of hilly gravel road running along Lake Vermilion. The ditches were all full of water, Topaz had plenty of water. The Vermilion River was full as well. I've never seen so many boaters getting onto the river as I ran past. There was one hill on Crane Lake Road that was over a mile long. Up up up we ran until it finally leveled out. I figured I might as well take advantage of it and get is some hill repeats. After running close to 2 hours I turned back toward the lodge to pick up Tim's Taxi. As I was running toward the lodge I saw Mom coming back to fetch us. Sure enough, our ride was waiting.

I asked if anyone would be interested in hiking the Vermilion Gorge, in Crane Lake. It's about a 40 minute drive from Cook where we park our cars. Everyone was up for it. We hadn't hiked the Gorge since Troy was 4, Tyler was 8. Laurie had never hiked it. We all piled into Dad's truck and headed out. The sky was becoming dark and looked like a storm, we hoped we wouldn't get caught in it.

As we piled out of the truck the heat blasted us. It was warm, sunny, calm. Amazing! We looked for the trail head and were on our way. Beautiful. This trail resembles the Superior Hiking Trail. Rocks, roots, waterfalls, climbing, climbing, climbing.

We began with sweatshirts, they were soon removed. Pretty soon Tyler was pulling off his shirt and Troy and Lukas were dipping their hats into the lake. It was hot! Crazy!

We hiked to the gorge and oohed and ahhed. Troy wanted to climb a bit more. He climbed a huge rock formation and I tried to follow. By carrying three sweatshirts, a water bottle and a camera I was slower than he. He was sure to let me know! To get down from the rock I had to just slide on my butt. I couldn't find any of the footholds I used to get up.

Dad let out his shrill whistle. We knew they were heading back toward the trail head. Troy and I hiked a bit more, then headed back in their direction. "Mom, let's run". Guess what? I smiled. The biggest smile was upon my face. "OK, Troy, let's go!" He ran along that trail like a pro. Pretty soon I couldn't see him. He was way ahead of me. I finally caught up to him as he was dipping his hat into the lake.

We climbed back into the truck, back into Cook and back to the cabin. What a great afternoon!

Today as we headed out it was raining, a good day for driving in the car.

This week I'll run the trail in the evening with Topaz, tread mill intervals in the AM, a stair steeper workout, lift legs, get in another hill session Saturday and run Sunday at Afton with the gang. I need to take it easy the following week as FANS is June 7. Amazing. Summer is just about here. 4 days left of school. Crazy.

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