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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Hills Are Alive..With The Sound of ...

MEGADEATH. Yup, at the Myth last night. Awesome show.

My ears were still ringing when I headed for the ski hills today. My first session of running ski hills since last fall. I had some errands to run in St. Cloud so I decided to try Powder Ridge, where the boys and I snowboard.

My legs didn't lose anything over the winter. In fact, they are stronger. I guess the one hour, twice weekly, iron sessions have increased their strength as well as the one hour, twice weekly, stair stepping sessions from hell, where my heart rate screams at the 180-195 mark. Gotta love it.

I ran a mile warm up and then up the hill I ran, walked, hiked my way up. What a view from the top! Thundering down the hill; a bit wet, mushy and muddy in spots. Slippery! I fell down a few times over the length of the session. What a muddy mess. But fun, oh yeah, I loved it.

It was cool; low 50's and lots of rain. I was soaked. At the end of the session I had completed 10 hills, then a two mile cool down. I quickly changed into dry clothes and headed for home.

Next week I'll get hills on the Superior Hiking Trail. Saturday I'll run the 50K and Sunday I'll do repeats on Moose Mountain. That'll be a treat :) Hill repeats are back as a weekly workout.

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