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Friday, May 16, 2008

To Graduate as a Runner

The last session of my first stint as coaching for the Woman's Beginning Run Class was held on Wednesday. Six weeks ago most of these women had never run before, and quite frankly, were not sure that they could. Six weeks later they all emerged as runners.

It's been wonderful to watch the progress, to watch the fear rise and fall from their eyes, to watch them grow.

We had a beautiful evening to run. After I led the gals in the warm up and stretches many of them began to come up to me, one at a time, and voice the reasons why they didn't think they could run for 45 minutes. One gal had a sore knee, one was having trouble breathing, another had a side ache, another had a cold..they all had a reason .. a fear that was holding them back. I told each one to do whatever they could. That 6 weeks ago they didn't think they could run for 8 minutes..they now could..they could run for 10 minutes..they could run!

We began by walking for one minute, then ran for 15 x 3. They were awesome. They all ran the full session. When they began to have difficulty, I began to talk..talk about the night sections on the Superior 100, talk about the hunch I feel in my shoulders as I the whole race consists of the one square foot of flash light in front of the trail as I put one foot in front of the other..talk about the beavers in the dam and 2 in the morning, talk about the Superior 50K that I will be running tomorrow. My talking took their minds off of their fears.

After our run everyone was all smiles. I handed out a sheet showing continued running programs to get them to a 10K, a 1/2 marathon, etc. Some will stick with it, I know it! We finished with juice, grapes and pretzels and lots of thank yous and good lucks!

Today Topaz and I headed out for the trail for an 8 mile run. Topaz's last until Sunday. The boys and I are getting ready to head out to Lutsen. Tyler didn't want to miss his first hour math class, now they are packing. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with them. Lots of driving/talking time.

Superior 50K is tomorrow. A super fun race! I'll leave my watch behind and just have a joyful run in the woods. No stress. Sunday will be hill repeats up Moose Mountain. Love it!


Helen said...

Hi Julie - I hope you had a great race at Superior. I ran a 50M in Los Alamos today and met a girl who knows - Olga (can't recall her last name off the top of my head but she is Russian, living in Portland). Neat lady.


Cheryl said...

Hi Julie, I found your blog from Keith's. He also ran the Superior Trail race that day. You guys are such an inspiration! And I loved this post about helping non-running women to become runners. Now I need to find someone like you to help me here in Maine. I do all of those excuses, but of course, when I tell them to myself, I listen to myself and give up.