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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Listen. Do You Hear That?

Yes, two posts in one week. Woohoo! Something must be happening  with me, right? 

Yes. Something is. It is improvement. Improvement that I am able to see, to feel, to celebrate!

For the first time since July I have been able to string together FIVE, yes FIVE running days in a row. That is BIG in this world of mine. I don't feel any pain!!  Just a tiny bit of numbness in my index finger.

Yesterday after work Topaz and I headed off to my old running grounds. I wanted to try running on gravel road, just to see how I would hold up.  In the past I have run miles upon miles on this gravel road as there are many dirt trails that are offshoots and easy to access.  I ran hundreds of miles here while training for Lean Horse where I ran my 100 mile PR of 21 hours.
Yesterday’s run was awesome!  I was able to run fartleks for the first time in a long time! I ran a full 90 minutes upon the gravel without any pain. 

At every trail intersection where Topaz and I have turned onto in the past he stopped and looked at me, waiting for the direction.  He remembered.

As we finished up our run, walking a cool down,  I said “Topaz. Do you hear that? It is my soul. It is singing. “


Olga said...

Awesome post. It's the soul, indeed. So true, Julie. I know exatly how you feel, I do. Holy cow, girl.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear the body is coming around...we've missed you on the trails this past year. :-( Bill P.

Sonya said...

Julie, I am so glad you are able to run again! I suffered with a herniated disc in my lower back and other issues in my cervical spine. I ended up having surgery on my C-spine but my lower back healed! You are inspiring to me!

Julie B said...

Hey Olga! I know that you know exactly what I mean, girlfriend!!

Bill, thanks, it feels good to be back on the trail, indeed!

Sonya, glad to inspire you. That is the reason I began this blog 7 years ago. Keep on healing, keep on running ;)

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Doug said...


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